Business - Your Real Estate Excellence in Reggio Emilia

Since 1994, Business has been synonymous with excellence in real estate management in Reggio Emilia. Our story is underpinned by passion, dedication, and a strong commitment to bringing VALUE TO OUR PEOPLE. Leading this group is the Managing Director, Sara Crotti, a highly dedicated professional who guides our team towards excellence.

At the Heart of Your Real Estate Experience

We work with you to assist you with buying, selling, and/or leasing residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We offer a tailored service, which is carefully finetuned to meet your individual needs.

FIAIP Members

We are proud members of FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents), and we guarantee high standards in real estate management to provide you with the highest quality.

Innovative and Future-Focused

With thirty years of experience, we are a dynamic team, driven by innovation and constantly engaging in new projects utilizing the latest technologies.
We strive to make your real estate journey smooth and rewarding.
At Business, we mean business!

Choose Business for an extraordinary real estate experience!

Sara Crotti

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