"No doubt about it: they're simply the best...! An exceptional team led by Sara guided us step by step in selling our apartment with professionalism, transparency, and timely presence throughout the process... The result? Sale completed in just a few days! When people love their job, it shows, and this is worth emphasizing! Special thanks to Sara, Maria Luisa, and Denise.".
Marisabel - February, 2024
"I can highly recommend the agency! After the initial email contact from Germany, it was very easy and spontaneous to schedule an appointment to view the apartment I wanted in Reggio Emilia with Domenico and Fabio. Both were very quick and supportive throughout the entire process; therefore, thanks to their help, the process went smoothly. At this point, I must thank Fabio again, who took care of me: he explained everything to me in detail and patiently in English and was always available to answer any questions. 5 stars!!!".
Desiree - February, 2024
"Professionalism, competence, very satisfied!!!".
Licia - December, 2023
"I sold and then bought through this agency, great competence and professionalism, highly recommend".
Marianna - November, 2023
"Nothing to say... Available, kind, and competent! Many thanks to Sara and especially to Maria Luisa who guided the purchase of our home, without her we would have been lost!".
Alessandra - August, 2023
"A thank you to Fabio and Domenico for demonstrating availability, seriousness, and professionalism. They performed their job with speed and competence.".
Angela - June, 2023
"I needed their sales services on more than one occasion. As far as my experience goes, they proved to be serious, precise, and reliable individuals, responding to various needs and taking care of details, even those not to be overlooked. The agency and its staff have always handled the management of different situations, solving, quickly and punctually, any practical problems related to the property, as well as any bureaucratic issues. Truly a nice way to deal with customers; as far as I'm concerned, I feel unconditionally confident in recommending this agency".
Ruggero - April, 2023
"Sara & Co., the perfect team! Buying or selling a house can be very complicated due to industry regulations or the emotional and sentimental value we attribute to a place. The experience with Business Agency allows you to see firsthand the 360° professionalism of Sara and the entire staff, prepared to grasp all aspects at play, from the delicate phase of decision-making to the completion of the process, with empathy, competence, and great availability. It's worth emphasizing the absolute transparency and correctness in personal relationships. In the landscape of real estate agencies, Business Agency is the agency to trust, a guarantee. Highly recommended!".
Emilia - March, 2023
"Professionalism, portfolio, know-how, all-round competence, and infinite courtesy only describe part of the excellence of this agency. For top-notch service, Sara and her team make the difference".
Monica - September, 2022
"It all started when my brother bought a house... I watched the agency from the outside, as an uninvolved person, and I liked it so much that I said to myself I would contact them too. And so it was, I called them and went to their agency! Smile and positivity were the first things I noticed... and I thought it's already a good start! With Maria Luisa and Sara, we started looking at different solutions until I found what I was looking for. They followed me from the beginning of the search until the day of the deed, taking care of all the procedures! The best! In short, I felt so good that I have already passed on their contact to several of my friends who in turn have had a good experience! What to say, Business Agency = security, friendliness, and positivity!".
Carolina - February, 2021
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